How to make it in America

HBO released the television series, “How to make it in America” in 2010. The basic plot of the show is two friends who grew up in New York City try and “make it” in the NYC fashion scene. One of the greatest privileges I have by living in the USA is the opportunity to “make it”. But, that’s a different blog post for another day.

Yesterday, I blogged about kickstarter. A web service, that helps budding entrepreneurs raise funding for their projects or products. After spending some time on the site last night. I came across my favorite product thus far, Flint & Tinder. It’s a underwear product that is…wait for it….made in America. I love this for a lot of reasons.  But, mainly because it is easier to monitor working conditions in the manufacturing process and maintain integrity across the supply chain! See, nothing we purchase is innately cheap. Somebody or something pays a price for it somewhere. We need to be responsible consumers  and ask questions of their origin stories. Lately, it’s been wildly popular to do this with food, but I see this trend making it’s way into textile products as well.

Currently, there is no underwear being made in America! Should we only buy products made in America? Yes or No? What are the pros and cons of buying products only made in America? Also, be sure to chime in on the poll below.

Check out Flint & Tinder. If it catches your fancy, support them with a couple bucks and get some great underwear in return!